The Prima Collection

The Prima Collection is just one of the many options for window rods available at Altro Design. The collection features a vast choice of finishes and includes a range of products, from poles to brackets and rings. 

Choose Based on Your Decor

As you browse the Prima Collection, you will find 13 different finishes to choose from. This makes it possible for anyone to find at least one, if not several, options that complement their decor. Some are even available unfinished, allowing you to paint them to a specific colour to match your decor.  Those finishes are available on the rings, poles, brackets, and finials, allowing for a uniform appearance.

Sturdy and Beautiful

In addition to the main rods, the Prima Collection includes the hardware that you need, and all of it is designed to be beautiful and sturdy.  The components have gorgeous, lustrous finishes that will enhance any interior decor. At the same time, they were engineered for window treatment professionals, meaning all of the parts meet high standards.


Versatile Options

The Prima Collection includes highly versatile options for you to choose from. For example, you can choose from wooden poles with one of several diameters, 1 3/8”, and 2 ¼”. The 2 ¼” collection can be grooved to integrate manual tracks, corded as well as motorized tracks.

The Selection

For your convenience, Altro Design selected the Prima Collection based on the diameter of the poles, and the overall length of the pole sizes ranging from 8 to 12 feet in one solid piece. The Prima collection was also chosen for it’s remarkable finishes.

For each size, you can expect to find a selection of around a dozen finial pieces, each of which has a different shape, pattern, and style. Most are offered in 13 colours, delivering nearly complete customization.

In addition to the finials, you will find a range of options for elegant brackets, once again in a vast range of styles and colours. The brackets come in varying sizes as well but will always work with the relevant pole diameter.

The Prima Collection also includes all of the other parts and hardware you may need, such as ceiling brackets, double brackets, inside brackets, and swivel sockets. In addition to the basic poles in your choice of length, you can also find elbows and joiners.

When it comes to holdbacks or tiebacks, the Prima Collection features eight different beautiful options, from simple circular patterns to those with additional detail. The combinations include varying sizes and your choice of the 13 colours. While most are circular, as that is the traditional shape, there are also square options.

Quality to Count On

As with all of the other poles, tracks, and accessories we offer at Altro Design, you can count on the quality of the Prima Collection. The pieces are all carefully engineered from high-quality materials to ensure durability that you can rely on regardless of the setting. Each piece is sure to match as the products are all hand finished.