Our DaVinci collection spans from rails and rods, including elegant options complete with Swarovski crystals.

You will find a range of high-quality materials to choose from, including stainless steel, brass, wrought iron, and aluminum. This selection lets you pick the material that best matches the interior design of your space. Many components are also highly versatile, such as the picture rails you could also use as a curtain rail set.

All of the raw materials that are used to manufacture the Davinci rails and rods come from Germany, which is where the brand is located. From brass to aluminum to stainless steel, every raw material used undergoes rigorous quality control.

To further ensure the quality of its parts, the DaVinci collection has a highly qualified workforce that combines excellent craftsmanship with cutting-edge CNC and robot systems to deliver the best possible products. The resulting quality is why this German brand has curtain hardware, rods, and rails in homes and businesses around the world.

Match Your Style

The variety of DaVinci rods and rails allows you to easily find an option to match your style. Many parts, such as the motorized curtain sets and the picture rails, deliver a minimalist feel. At the other end of the spectrum, the rails with Swarovski crystals elevate any space while showcasing the brand’s attention to detail.

You can find options in colours and shades such as white, aluminum, satin nickel, matt black and polished chrome.

Exploring the Rails

As you browse the DaVinci collection rails available at Altro Design, you will find a dozen different product lines and accessories, making it easy to find every single component and piece of hardware that you require for installation.

You will find parts like ripplefold tape, ripplefold carriers available in one- or two-piece, Hook-N-Wave™ carriers, wheeled carriers, ball-bearing carriers, carriers, stoppers, and other accessories, most of which are available in your choice of colour.

As you explore the various series of the DaVinci rails, you will find the rails themselves as well as end caps, extensions, wall brackets, ceiling brackets, and finials are all given the utmost attention to detail. Most of these are also available in several colours, and the finials are available in a full selection of styles, letting you customise the appearance of your rail.

Exploring the Rods

Our DaVinci rods fit into one of two collections, either 20 mm or 28 mm. Whichever size you choose, you will find yourself with a similar range of options to choose from. The main form of customization for the rails is by choosing your favourite style of the finial. In addition to the shape and style, you can also select the colour, with some options offered in eight different finishes. You will also find the other necessary parts, such as the rod, rings, brackets, and extensions.

Exploring the Swarovski Crystals Collection

For those who want to add elegance and refinement to their rails, Altro Design carries the DaVinci Swarovski crystal collection. These come in the form of crystals carefully mounted on finials, brackets, and holdbacks, in your choice of 20 mm or 28 mm.