Medic Track

The Medic Track collection from Altro Design features the highest-quality materials to ensure the end-products are equally strong. Every aspect of the engineering and manufacturing process focuses on creating reliable and strong tracks that can withstand extensive use.

Manufactured in Canada, this product line takes into account the tough wear and tear and constant use that medical tracks go through. That is why there is such a strong focus on strength and durability.

The Medic Track system prides itself on being the industry benchmark when it comes to reliability. It is the preferred choice of medical intuitions of all types such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and of course doctors offices. These facilities rely on the tracks to ensure curtains can move smoothly on-demand, ensuring patient privacy at all times.


The complete Medic Track system is custom-built to meet the needs of your facility. You can choose whether you prefer it made in one piece or cut in pieces. Opting for one continuous piece increases the durability and smoothness, as there are fewer seams. By contrast, splicing the tracks into smaller pieces makes transportation much easier. Contact us for more information on the customization you require.

All the Components You Need

In addition to the option of custom-made Medic Track products, you can also find the full selection of individual components, including the hardware. This makes any future maintenance or changes simple as you can order the exact parts you need.

You will find the aluminum track, carriers with or without hooks, end stops with or without carrier gates, splices, wall brackets, suspension posts, suspension post inserts, tubing, ceiling flanges, break-away carriers, 24-inch mesh, and 2 feet by 2 feet bent tracks at either 45 or 90 degrees. The track can also be bent or curved according to your needs.

A Focus on Function

While many of our other product lines are available in numerous colours and styles, the Medic Track rail itself comes in an anodized finish and the accessories are primarily available in just one colour. This comes from the focus on function and the fact that most medical facilities prefer a similar appearance for their components. The metal finish should work well in any setting, as it conveys a professional look and is neutral to work with a range of interior decors.

For More than Just Medical Facilities

Although the Medic Track line is designed specifically for medical facilities, the products work well in any situation where functionality is crucial. Any building that requires sturdy tracks and hardware to simplify dividing a space into parts can benefit from this type of system, from offices to fitting rooms in retailers. The durable nature of these tracks makes them particularly appealing to any situation where curtains are opened and closed many times a day.

Contact Us for Assistance

As you examine our Medic Track collection, feel free to contact our team at Altro Design. We’ll gladly explain the various components to you in more detail and help you decide what parts you need to complete your project. Our team’s more than 40 years of experience in the industry gives us the expertise to help you choose the right products.